Why One Hack Is Different From Another For Consumers

I often field questions about what certain news stories mean in general and to the person asking me.  These questions tend to include “what should I do” followed by “is that what you’re doing?”

First – As the About page states, these are my views and not indicative of any employer or any other associate of mine.

Delivery IS Business

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[W]hether your business’ core competencies involve products, services or legally binding promises, delivery is a measuring stick that’s used to evaluate you.

Do you deliver what customers want ahead of the industry?  Do you deliver it better or cheaper.  Do you deliver a different experience; are you a boutique for your industry?

Legacy Risk Corollary

Risk management encompasses risks to privacy, network, process, brand, etc.  I’m interested in a juncture of two threat vectors in this post.

Architecture in General

Architecture is a strategic & holistic art/discipline that result in sets of views allowing people from different backgrounds and viewpoints to communicate & evaluate effectively about conceptual, logical and technical merits across any number of boundaries; real or perceived, technical, social or political.

Will the metric system fail us?

The linked GigaOm article may include some scientific tongue-in-cheek but the gap described is real.  Currently ~an exebyte of data is generated daily.  The metric system only has two official larger orders of magnitude: 

  • Zettabyte –       1000000000000000000000
  • Yottabyte – 1000000000000000000000000