Equifax Hack – Your First Steps

Several people have asked what steps to take to protect themselves, particularly their electronic identity, in the wake of the Equifax hack.  Here are some suggested steps that, while not guaranteed to provide protection, at least give you an idea of things I’m doing with some links to make it easier.

Can Facebook Likes Lead to Prison?

[T]hey can for some people who take advantage of them to figure out where and upon whom to perpetrate fraud.

Likes Locked Up

Likes Locked Up


[pullquote]The conspirators were able to [su_highlight background=”#F3F315″ color=”#000000″ class=””]steal the identities of people who had indicated on social media that they “liked” certain retailers.[/su_highlight][/pullquote]

Identification Performed by Humans

Identification is a process whereby an identity claim is made and evaluated.

Cyber woman with technolgy eye looking


Organic Operations

Humans do this very naturally when we learn one another’s look, voice, walk and other mannerisms.  The more intimately we know someone the more difficult it is to forge or impersonate that identity in our presence.